2080 Ocean Drive Condo, 2080 S Ocean Dr, Hallandale

Year Built: 2004
Floors in Building: 18
Condos in Building: 212

The mystery has its shape, its tradition, its details. We want to share it with you. Splendid decorations, tiny carpeting, incredible ceramics – no wonder here everything drives attention. Every suit is unique; everything underlines the game of shapes, materials. Fully decorated, newly refurnished, with a touch of modern techniques these suits are making your rest peaceful and revitalizing. Sunsets and sunrises at your balcony are changing your way of thinking – the beauty is making everything softer around you.

2080 S Ocean Dr, Hallandale, Florida, 33009

Apartments for sale and rental

What are the reasons which will make you call us? it’s not the reasoning what matters here – it’s experiencing. Just take a call, make an appointment to experience the caring attention of our staff and to walk around the halls and to feel everything by yourself. Once you are in, that might be a moment, when the mystery touches your heart – don’t let it go, take your time, so it might take you all and make you stay here.
2080 is the place to show you the real Miami coast life – beauty and fine civilization – colorful parks, thrilling and long race-tracks for blades, boards, bicycles, and other sport facilities. Cinemas, pubs, open air theatres and street performances – that’ll definitely overtake you in any possible way. Step out at night, have a glance over the lights at the shore, take a meal at the restaurant or caffé, walk through the busy streets of Miami – its charm will make an imprint on your memory.

2080-it’s not just a figure, it’s a place, where sun touches the ocean and the ocean lingers to its shore. It’s where you can experience it; it’s where the material becomes as light as air.
Constructed in 2004, 2080 Ocean resort is the place of magic, where you feel infinite. Everything aims it: roof top is breathtaking – it gives you the Atlantics at your hand. Shady yards are calming your senses to give a place to one – sense of happiness and tranquility.
Here everything is natural – marble is whispering the quite chant of wind and stone; w